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Ayurveda is an in-depth science of man, his physiology, disease, and natural and derived substances of the plant mineral and animal world, and their reaction & interaction with man. It is based on extensive experimentation spread over thousands of years. Beauty with nature is becoming the call of today's toxic and polluted environment, therefore treatments, which restore natural health to skin and hair become essential in our daily life.
HERBLINE product range evolved after extensive research and experimentation on the potent healing, curative and corrective properties of herbs, their extracts and oils, on the skin and hair as laid down in Ayurveda. To marry these properties with the latest international dermatologically approved standards, association was obtained with Stanford Brands UK.
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Participating in Natural & Organic Products Europe (UK), Grand Hall, Olympia on 11th & 12th April 2010. Stand No. is 2095.
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