Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing and Private Label

A Production Method of Choice Long term Outsourcing is growing as a strategy for Herbline brand of all sizes.

In a world of specialists, where the latest technologies are both necessary and expensive, and efficiencies of scale are often essential, contract manufacturing is growing as a normal, long term way to produce products for the cosmetics, fragrance and personal care markets.

Contract Manufacturing vs. Private Label

The line between contract manufacturing and private label manufacturing is a fine one. Contract manufacturers generally have a selection of basic formulas that our customers can choose from, adding or subtracting ingredients to create a custom item, or they will make a client's formula or develop something original. Private label suppliers have a catalog of finished products that a customer can order from, having the goods then decorated and labeled for their use.

Private label lines are now the choice of many retail channels-from television shopping networks, private spas and salons, to designer brands, as well as big box outlets and drug store chains. Contract manufacturing is the method for marketers-from large national and international brands to entrepreneurial lines-to have goods produced while they concentrate on what they do best-marketing.

Herbline Cosmetic Packaging & Design offers both kinds of services and a lot in between. We are willing to create a totally unique product to a customer's specification and many also have research and development staff to work with a client to come up with a custom formula.

The outsourcing of beauty products is a confidential business as brand marketers guard formulas and image and Herbline guarantees to protect client's privacy.

Market is Good to Excellent

The private label business is absolutely fabulous. We have noted that the business is coming from a number of new as well as traditional sectors including creative lines featured on television shopping shows, retailers wanting to add house brands, and niche lines from makeup artists and designers. Some are totally new; others are more established and are looking for a new partner. We expect the business to grow 100% this year and have built the infrastructure to be able to handle it-across the board.

From a contract manufacturer perspective, business is excellent, is a way for a brand to have new products without the burden of new plants, equipment or staff.

As more major marketers don't want to invest in facilities to produce new products and so contract them out. Some marketers are also contracting out "harvest" brands, products that are still selling but no longer growing.

Regulatory issues are more and more of a concern to any contract manufacturers across the globe. Herbline continually updates its information database to stay on top of all the new rules governing the industry, from raw materials to labeling issues. And as the cosmetics industry becomes a truly global market, Herbline is working diligently to remain current on rules governing importation of cosmetics to each country that our clients distribute to.

Treatment/Natural Ingredients in Demand

Herbline is continually developing new products. According to Mr. Anil Khanna, hot ingredients right now in skin care are vitamins and minerals, which are also in demand for cosmetic products, which also contains aloe for added benefits.

Natural and organic continue to be buzzwords. The greatest challenge is to find a natural preservative. Herbline has developed all natural preservative system for use in natural products.

Serious Skin Care Moves into Commercial

As the Baby Boomer generation edges toward 60, it's to be expected that the demand for anti-aging skin care would increase. But the desire to take good care of one's skin is not confined to one generation. From sun protection, to sensitive skin care and acne treatment, to products that promise to reverse signs of aging and/or help prevent them, more products with a dermatological origin are being found in commercial markets.

Suppliers Are a Varied Lot

Herbline is also undertaking contract manufacturing and private labeling too. Herbline provides services ranging from research and development of product formulas through product manufacture and filling through pack-out in a seamless to customer stream.

Herbline, with headquarters in New Delhi, is the one of the largest manufacturer of cosmetics products in India; making personal care products including hair care and skin care products. It provides manufacturing, packaging and support services to the world's leading marketers of brand name personal care, OTC pharmaceutical, specialty food, household and hospitality Industry.

Basically, our clients supply the specifications and we blend and fill the product into a container or otherwise. We fill into bottles, tubes etc. Whatever our customer wants, we make. Whether it's from a basic formula that is then customized or a totally new formula." Herbline is staffed to handle turnkey projects, but also focuses on formulating and filling into packaging provided by the customer.

We have large and small clients and have capacity for large volumes as well as small runs.

Herbline has a GMP (good manufacturing practices) license in order to be able to handle all kinds of ingredients. Its facility includes 75,000 sq. ft. of operations as well as another 20,000 sq. ft. dedicated to warehousing. With a staff of 300 to 400, working at least six days a week.

We work with packaging suppliers for our clients and even act as a warehouse for some to store and ship as needed.

We are a high-tech formulator of skin care products and can develop the formula, help our client source its packaging, mix and fill the package, as well as help the customer with marketing, distribution and fulfillment. Herbline offers private label lines as well as contract manufacturing services to a clientele that includes independent salons and spas, high-end department stores, national shopping networks and distributor's chains across the Globe. GMP certified, Herbline specializes in custom formulating, maintaining a full on-site laboratory for research and development for the following: creams, lotions, toners, masques, scrubs, facial and body cleansers, body gels, eye care and sun screen products, all available in retail and bulk sizes. Herbline now has an extensive library of shampoos, conditioners and hair gel formulas as well.

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